Lost Signals Report Edit

Recorded in a tavern in remote and sparsely populated Diablock, Kentucky, this audio is labelled murder planning, #6 of 6, db ky – 8-08 / Pete’s Tvrn. Were it not for the label, the audio would seem innocuous enough: shooting pool, the easy, back-and-forth flow of conversation. The sort of thing you’ve heard a version of a hundred times before. But with the title, certain phrases take on potential new meaning. At around ten seconds, for instance, the casual phrase “you’re willing to do anything” shades darker in the context of murder planning. In fact, it brings to mind Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Conversation, and the overheard “He’d kill us if he got the chance” line, a phrase which reveals itself to mean something completely different by the end of the film than it does when we first hear it spoken near the beginning. Still, it’s hard to imagine that anything murder-related is being discussed in this Diablock audio, and we await usable audio of clips #1 – #5 to provide fuller context to address the question: is what’s being discussed the possibility of recruiting a person “willing to do anything,” and if so, what is the nature of “anything?”

Audio Transcription Edit