Lost Signals Report Edit

It remains unclear whether the Polaroid is named after its subject, or its photographer. Discovered in a file containing 16 disappeared persons from Santiago, Chile, this is the only image in color, the others being black and white. The Thayer Polaroid is also unusual in that it appears to “switch off” in the dark. That is, when the Polaroids are spread across a table in the dark and viewed through an apparatus similar to night goggles the Thayer image is the only one that is not visible. In her internal report, Maya D. suggests that while the obvious explanation for the Polaroid’s non-detectability in the dark involves its reddish coloration, even when the night-vision apparatus is adjusted for this variable, the Polaroid still remains in the “switched off” position. The Thayer Polaroid was among the items donated to the Lost Signals Collective upon Maya D.’s defection to the organization. —I. Grenelle