Lost Signals Report Edit

Leaked by an anonymous hacker to Stage1st, this is the only known electron microscope image of the silent, non-immunogenic, synthetic megavirus LiBaiXH90361. The LiBaiXH90361 megavirus, named after the famous Chinese spy Li Bai, was alledgely developed by an secret bio-intelligence Chinese laboratory in 2016 as the first artificial virus designed to carry artificially encoded information in its DNA. Its viral capsid is not a conventional protein shell, but made from a non-immunogenic synthetic nanomaterial that doesn’t infect cells or recombine with the host’s genome.

Once intravenously injected, the LiBaiXH90361 megavirus travels freely and quiescent across the human or animal bloodstream, only detectable in a blood sample by a mass-spectrometry assay. It is said that an unspecifiable number of dogs and humans had already become true libraries of classified file-viruses, unknowingly transporting occult, undetectable DNA-encoded messages around the world. However, a group of microbiologists from the Miskatonic University who are dismissing the whole story as another bioengineering hoax, have identified the image as just a blurred photograph of a lichen growing on a stone wall. —Germán Sierra