The Lost Signals Collection is maintained by a group of people, named on the About Page and at the end of several entries. Those contributors are:

  • N.R. (also referred to as N. Rombes)
  • Grace Krilanovich
  • Jeff Wood (also referred to as J. Wood)
  • Isabella Granelle (also referred to as I. Granelle)
  • N. J. Campbell
  • Selena Martinez (also referred to as S. Martinez)
  • Dana Milbrook (also referred to as D. Milbrook)
  • Emeline Edgewood (also referred to as E. Edgewood)
  • R. Bennetts
  • Hilbert David
  • J. Justus
  • M. Shiflet (also referred to as M.S.)
  • E. Obenauf (also referred to as E.O.)
  • A. Sensenig
  • M. Sanders
  • Colin Raff
  • David Enrique Spellman
  • Germán Sierra

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