Lost Signals Report Edit

The images are so banal as to be uncanny: a blinking digital clock, a gleaming metal name or door plate with no name affixed, some stapled-together papers lying face down to obscure their meaning. There’s a calmness in the fluorescent office area, a calmness which masks the churning deep beneath the surface. The nonsensical sound, such as it is, seems nothing more than a distraction, an invitation to interpret the video clip in all the wrong ways. But is it even a matter of interpretation, or are the captured moments here already predetermined? Interpretation presupposes a sort of free will. And what of the administrator herself, in what ways is she accountable, or does even asking that question put those who sent this to Lost Signals in danger? Maybe it started as a prank, who knows? Let’s film the administrator’s office–she’ll never know. But of course she knew. She knew even before they did. In fact, she’s always known. —E. Edgewood

Video Transcription Edit