Lost Signals Report Edit

Increasingly difficult to find in real-time, television noise (aka static) remains available (and available for capture and storage) where an analog television is used in conjunction with an antenna. Rooftop antennae (Yagi, Winegard, Telesine, RCA) are still perched–often precariously–on homes in rural areas and in isolated urban pockets of the Midwestern U.S. The captured static below includes unsourced audio with references to a certain type of ceramic. Being that traditional television visual noise is accompanied by audio noise (or hissing) it seems likely that this audio–for whatever reason, if any at all–was added to the recorded noise at a later date. This is clip 879 of 2,241 from the “Television Noise” archives at Lost Signals. —J Wood, J Justus, M Shiflet

Video Transcription Edit