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In 1996 a group of acoustical engineering graduate students at Prague University succeeded in recording sound from a machine that did not, properly, exist. Using a variation of quantum exchange theory, they applied the Pauli Exclusion Principle to what Samuel Goudsmit called “acoustic electron screen scattering.” As esoteric as this sounds, the results were immediate, concrete and, fortunately, recorded by one of the graduate students. The file, having made its way to MIT and then UCLA, soon fell out of favor, the results impossible to reproduce in subsequent experiments. Deleted from all all the old mainframes, it was copied and preserved by a member of the Radical Physics Working Group at UCLA and was recently obtained by The Lost Signals Collective.

Audio Transcription Edit

Audio clip duration: 00:29

[A loud banging, and the upward pitch of something mechanical starting up. Then, a continuous white noise. At the 16-second mark, without the previous noise ending, the sound of something mechanical starting up repeats and adds to the white noise.]