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The Walter/Folkard Anomaly appears on the 76th page of two known copies of Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes (Walter, Lavinia Edna, Ed.; Folkard, Charles James, ill.; A. & C. Black Ltd.: London, November 1919; 1st ed.). One of these is in the Children’s Literature Collection at University of Glasgow Library; the other is privately owned. (Page 76 of any other copy on record is taken up by the obscure rhyme “A kid, a kid, my father bought.”)

The anomaly’s discovery in 2010 actually postdates the Google Street View captures of a seemingly related object by roughly two years. No further evidence exists of this manifestation on that August day of 2008 in the Neu-Hohenschönhausen locality of northeastern Berlin. No one has claimed to witness it then (including those piloting the camera car), and no organization or individual have asserted responsibility. Now vanished from Google Street View proper, it still reveals itself in desaturated screenshots. —Colin Raff

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