Lost Signals Article Edit

The collective is pleased to announce a theme song for the archive, (itself from an archive, of course) which you will hear at the beginning of this and future audio postings. Grateful acknowledgement to K.A. Martin.

The audio below is one sample from a vast project, from 1981, to capture the voices of humans at play, for purposes that remain, for now, shrouded, to say the least. The audio itself came to us via shortwave radio transmission, and was captured, recorded, and archived by us in 1983. The source signal code suggests that the transmission was sent in late 1981, but only received (“intercepted”) by Lost Signals in 1983, meaning that the radio waves traveled very far–and for a very long time–before presenting themselves. We know now that the casualness–the banter–evident in the audio sample is forced, perhaps coerced.

In fact, some here at the archives believe that this audio is, in fact, nothing less than a distress call.